I teach various workshops using all kinds

of felting techniques. Offering one to one, small or large group sessions.


Throughout 2015 I ran a program of workshops for "live life to the full" project at Abbeyfield Belfast Society, Northern Ireland, an outreach project providing events and activities that connect people together


Throughout 2016/2017 I ran a series of drop in needle felting sessions for Derbyshire County Library


Demonstrations and talks are also available.


Nuno Felting


A wet felting technique is used along with an open weave fabric such as linen. As the felting process causes the wool to shrink, it pulls the fabric in different directions, creating beautiful textured patterns in your individual designs. With nuno felting I run both experimental technique workshops where lots of small samples are made, or full day workshops to create a nuno felted scarf.



Wet Felting


Explore the ancient technique of felting using soap, water and movement.

Explore the endless possibilities of needle felting into your felted piece. Touch on the modern techniques now used and experiment with an embellisher.



Wet felting around a resist


Create a felted handbag with no seams and built in handles, using your own designs and colours. This full day workshop uses the wet felting technique around a resist, usually a piece of thick fabric, cut to shape to prevent each side from felting together, thus creating a 3d piece.



Needle felting Workshops


Create your own unique 3D sculpture. Using a barbed needle and coarse wool top blends, unique characters come to life, handmade with wire legs. A full day workshop to create cute free standing birds with detailed patterns.

Upcoming Workshop

Monday 9th September

6.00pm - 8.30pm



Needle felting workshop

I am happy to be taking part in a new series of workshops held by members of the High Peak Artists Group.


These workshops will be held in The Pump Room, The Crescent, Buxton and will cost £35 per workshop. It includes all materials, & light refreshments.


Booking forms are available from the Pump Room or Gallery in the Gardens, Pavilion Gardens, Buxton or by email from: